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H3 Podcast Episode 10 - 6/22/15

Brown Noser is back and turns the H3 podcast into a SqueezeMe roast. Songs are discussed and Brown Noser angles for finding drinking practice friends in FLA for his upcoming work trip.

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Song Check from Circle:

We're Hashers on the moon
We like dick pics and poon
With virtual trails
We tell tall tales
As we sing our drunken tune!

She's/He's going down
We met on Tinder/Grindr
Gave her/him some booze
Took off my pants
This is a night
I won't remember
What was you're name?
Cause I forget
She's/He's going down, down , down, down
(Credits to S&M Man)

It's raining it's pouring
Sex with you is boring
I went to bed with your dad instead
And now I'm not so horny!

I see her boobies and I want to paint them white
An equal coating on the left one and the right
I see the girls run by, they're taking off their clothes
I have to fight the urge to spray them with my hose