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H3 Podcast Episode 9 - 6/15/15

Brown Noser is on the road and leaves SqueezeMe stranded and floundering. My suggestion, skip the first 20min till I get my shit together and actually get some people to talk to. Joined by Weird All Spankobitch and Chiquita Bananal.

Circle included creative challenges including a song check (highlights listed below.)

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Song Check included highlights such as:

Flick your clit at the ballgame,
Pet it up in the crowd.
Think of a penis inside your snatch,
I don't care if you give it a smack.
'Cause it's rub your lips at the ballgame,
If you don't cum YOU'RE to blame.
Cause it's one, two, Fingers in you at the Old Ball Game!!

Take me out to a hash run, 
Take me back to your room, 
buy me some condoms for sex sex sex 
A Ribbed French tickler is always the best! 
cause it's Pump pump pump till you climax
If you don't cum it's a shame
Cuz it's Ooohhhh ahhhh oh my god...... I forgot your name

Hello there my furry friend,
I've come to play with you again.
It seems I'm on another dateless night!
I've brought some peanut butter,
Please don't bite!
'Cause your tongue,
Is so much softer than my fist,
I can't resist,
The gentle kisssssss, 
Of Fidoooo

Jesus doesnt go hashing because Mel Gibson owns the rights
Jesus can't go hashing cuz he's just plain whipped

The front is where you fuck and the back is where you fuck
The front is where you fuck and the back is where you…

The back rides high and the front rides low.
I'll give you a ride if you give me a...

You can ride in the back or you can ride in the front. 
Just jump on in and I'll eat your…

It’s covered in rust and the doors don’t lock
But it’s got a flat bed where I can ride your…

You didn't have weed and you didn't have gas. 
No one rides free so I tapped that…

It's such a sweet ride and you know you want some. 
So slide on over and swallow my…

You take it to the brothel you take it to the store
In the front you put your beer In the back you put your...

You can take out classy ladies, you can take out dirty sluts.
In the front you kiss them softly in the back you do their...

She's ridin' in my car, with her legs over her head. 
She's such a pretty whore, what a shame that she's…

I just got out of prison, 
my assholes still a fizzin, 
dreaming of my friends back in ole cell block 4, 
they raped me in the shower, 
it must have last an hour, 
now there is goo goo goo cuming out my back door.

Skippy the Squirrel is a jolly happy soul,
With his smashed out brains and his broken nose,
And some gravel up his hole.

Skippy the Squirrel is a hasher's tale they say,
He was just too slow and the hashers know,
He was squished to death one day.

There must have been some magic,
In that old dead squirrel they found,
For when they tied him to the bus he began to fly around.

Oh, Skippy the Squirrel is as dead as he can be,
But the hashers say he can hash and play,
Just the same as you and me.

(happy whistle interlude)

Skippy the Squirrel knew the sun was hot that day,
So he said, "Lets run,
And we'll have some fun, before I rot away."

Down to the On-after, with a rope tied to his tail,
Flying here and there, all around the square,
Saying , "You'll go straight to hell."

He led them down the trail that day,
Right to a parking lot,
Where Cheet-o licked a girl,
Whose father called a cop.

Cheeto and Skippy had to hurry out of there,
But they waved good-bye,
Sayin ', "Don't you cry, we'll be back again next year."

Thumpety thump thump, thumpety thump thump,

Hear those squirrelies die,

Thumpety thump thump, thumpety thump thump,

Look at Skippy fly!

I was walking down Canal street
I knocked on every door
Goddamn son of a bitch
I couldn't find a whore
I finally found a whore
She was rather thin
Goddamn son of a bitch
I couldn't get it in
I finally got it in
I worked it all about
Goddamn son of a bitch
I couldn't get it out
I finally got it out
It was wet and sore
Goddamn son of a bitch
Don't fuck New Orleans whores
Two weeks later
I couldn't take a piss
Goddamn son of a bitch
She gave me syphilis!
I went to the doctor
To ask about the sores
He said "You stupid bastard,
don't fuck New Orleans whores"

Blow blow blow your load but not inside of me. 
I really love to ride your cock but babies aren't for me!