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Episode 71 - Hashing In Korea

Davey Crotchet and Free-ta Lay discuss hashing in Korea and what hashing has meant to them. Part of a conversation after hibrewnation brewfest. So, yes.... we were drinking quite heavily. That's always a good time. Hash Songs, stories, contributions from other kennels. What more do you want?

Songs include: Sleep on the wet spot, Porno Making Team, Mr. Policeman, Pissonya and more.

Episode 66 - H5 Podcast

BN and Squeeze talk about franchising this shit out. We need some support to help around here... not because we are lazy, but we know there are a ton of creative people out there and even though we both have huge egos, we really would like to hear what you can have to say!

Look for more info at h3podcast.com/contribute soon for how to help out.  I know you can do this and we'd love to hear it!