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Do you really want to hear Brown Noser and SqueezeMe ramble about what goes on in Harrisburg all the time? While our egos believe you do, we want to hear what you have to say. And we need your contributions for this to continue.


I'm always amazed at the creativity of hashers. Everyone has a good story or two. We hear them at campouts, travel hashes and online. These are the stories that make what we do fun and interesting.


And we want to hear them!


It can be easy, simple or we can even turn over the keys to studio (so to speak) and you can guest host entire shows. This is only going to continue to be interesting if more people's voices are included!


How can you contribute?

  1. Easiest: Call our voicemail line and tell us a story. I don’t think we have a time limit on our voicemail length… so hit us up at 717 298-7697
  2. Easy: Record a story with your smartphone or voice recorder and email me the MP3 file or share it via dropboxat motoed@gmail.com
  3. Little more effort: Volunteer to host a show. This site will have continue to grow with more information as more people become interested.



What do I need to Host a show?

This is often times the part that people freak out about when it comes to guest hosting.  Contact us at motoed@gmail.com to let us know you are interested and we can share the login credentials and help you get started.


The important thing we suggest is don’t get hung up on the quality of sound, focus on the quality of the conversation. Don’t worry if you can't play the music intros during the live portion, we can add that for the website/itunes podcast.


Level 1 - Easy:

The show can easily be done with a smartphone and the mixlr app (free download). If you have a headset you would use for a phone call, that would work for a one host show.


If you want a friend to join you for a conversation, it can be as simple as knowing where you microphone on your phone is and get cozy and sit close to it.


Try one in a quiet room or pull someone aside at an on-in and have a discussion about hashing.


Level 2 - A little effort:

Add a external mic to your smartphone for a little better quality. They are relatively inexpensive and will improve the quality of the sound greatly.

Some good examples





Level 3 - Going a little overboard:

This is for when you decide you are going to host a regular show and allow for callers via Skype.


I will save that for a future post but you can buy a cheap mixer board and microphones and stands and get setup with a serious podcast production studio for less than $150 and have multiple mics for a full professional quality sound.  This is NOT essential and is really only for someone that wants to do this on a regular basis and have multiple guests, co-hosts, skype call in and music beds and jingles.


This… is NOT what we expect most contributors to do! If you do, we will gladly help you.


You guys are pretty harsh, I don’t want to be heckled.

Contributors can relax, we help those that help this idea grow. Yes, We have "roasted" some guest hosts in the past. This was only after shots are fired (Sorry, MoreMen) and after we have "that kind of connection" (Love you Flour City).  Don't let that hold you back from sharing a good story! 


We not only want more voices in this, we need it to keep the ball rolling.


I want to Help Out. Tell us more

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