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Hello World!  This is Brown Noser (Yes, THE Brown Noser) from Harrisburg Hershey H3 (H5).  Welcome to our podcast.  Squeeze Me and I started this podcast a couple months ago as a joke.  Squeeze Me has podcasting experience.  I do not.  I have been a guest on a couple podcasts, many of which have never been published. Allow me to tell you a little about me…

I have been hashing since 2008.  I started with Keystone Hash House Harriers, which quickly died after I was named.  I take full responsibility.  I was adopted by H5, I was assistant RA for a little while, and now I am the co-host of the H3 podcast.  I have been doing stand-up since 2009, but I am very lazy about it.  And no, I will not tell you a joke.

I travel a lot, so I end up listening to a lot of podcasts and radio shows and I always wished there was a podcast about hashing.  To my knowledge, one does not exist.  Squeeze has always talked about doing a podcast about hashing, but he has a lot of ideas that never come to fruition.  However, after talking about how much fun it was to watch the Monday night virtual circle that is on the Lunar H3 Facebook page, we said that there should be some live commentary about it.  So that’s how our podcast was born.  What we quickly discovered is that it is extremely difficult to watch circle, keep talking, and most of all, drink.  But we try anyway. 

We love hashing.  We love beer.  We love comedy.

If you want to advertise your hashing event (or anything) on the podcast or on our website, we will do that.  The only stipulation is that you have to donate to Donkey Fluffer who is raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  We do not want your money, but the charity does.  We will put you into contact with Donkey, and when he tells us you donated, we will plug the shit out of your event, and it will reach several tens of people. Fun people.  People that will go to your event.  If you want to pay us, when you see us, buy us a beer or flash* us.  We will see you on trail.  On On!

--Brown Noser

*Flashing only applies to female hashers