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Guess The Hasher Game for LVH3

Help us out… Nobody wants to continue to listen to Brown Noser and I ramble about movies and nerdy stuff on the h3podcast (www.h3podcast.com). I mean, it's ok, but there are so many better stories out there. I'd like to try a game out at the campout and I'd love you to join me.

Everyone has a cool hash story. Let's hear yours. But lets make a game of it. 

I'll compile this info and gather some people and we will play a game of reading the synopsis and guessing who we think it is, and then hear the story.

Hash Name *
Hash Name
Give me a short (2 sentence max) of the gist of your story. (examples: A hasher who once was handcuffed on trail but the officer apologized on trail and let them go. An angry landowner was furious for trespassing, but after talking to them, they decided to come hashing instead. Something like that.)