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This week in Kickstarter...

This may be a regular post... I love kickstarter videos and pitches. We saw some good ones... Crazy Make Em Ups for example. I've funded and gotten some pretty cool stuff that is also useful as well. But some times... the products are stupid, silly and ridiculous. So... here is my round up of stupid shit I've seen.

Thinking and Drinking

I'm actually torn on this one. I like that it helps promote local beer, but a game with silly questions to prompt discussion? "I giving up cheese made you immortal, would you do it?"  It's like Cards Against the Humanity but far less edgy. At the very least the brews on the cards relate to the question... somewhat.

A detailed stein carving of father and child bigfoot print... "a must have for any wilderness treking beer love".  Hmmm... must have? Not really Although the bigfoot bottle opener is a little cool

Having a Beer With... (podcast)

Boy did we miss the boat on this one... According to this it requires $1,200 in funding to run a podcast. Brown Noser, I'm going to need more than the money you gave me to get this site up and running. Evidently there are hidden expenses we didn't count on. So, just spare us the embarrassment of me having to post our kickstarter campaign here and just send us money. I'll give you our paypal, just ask for it.

But at least he has a plan!

No company wants to sponsor a podcast with zero listeners. Once the listeners start subscribing, then those companies will take notice. And once that happens then my little podcast will become self-sufficient.

Stop the flies from getting into your beer

Just $15 for a bead on a string. Genius! But wait... we'll send you two (freight includes anywhere in Australia. Buggers.