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About me...

My wife learned about hashing the hard way. While on a family vacation on year, her brother told her to wear some old running attire that they were going running that afternoon. "Where are we going", she asked. "It'll be fun, you'll see."

She came home and told me about this fun thing she did... so we looked up the local kennel, and found they were on run #0. So, she talked Bridge Bandit into getting run #1 on the schedule and she drummed up support online and through her friend network and about 40 people showed up for Run #1. Success.

Shortly afterward, BridgeBandit got busy with work and passed on GM to me. After a few years of hashing, family life got in the way and we were runless.

In 2008, again with the family vacations... Trashed and I joined, Knocked Up and Foot and Mouth for a run with the OBX Nag's Head H3 and rediscovered the fun we had missed. Back home, we looked up our mother hash and reconnected with old friends and quickly made new ones.