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Ithaca H3 - Campout Weekend!

Live from NY, It's a Dirty Night!

Thanks to Ithaca for hosting a wonderful weekend once again. And I'd also like to thank everyone that was patient with my new photo accessory. I'm still working on being a little more proficient with it, but that's the way it goes with new gadgets. Hope everyone enjoys their shots (blurry shots aside... It's hard to photograph without light!)

If you would like a copy of your photo below, hit me up at motoed over on the gmails and I'll share. 

2016 Harrisburg Hershey Hash House Harriers AGM

Congrats to Free 2 Lay for inaugurating H5 with a new tradition... the AGM. What a fun evening. Congrats to everyone that came and received an award of misfortune and had a great time. Here is a sampling of images from the evening.

BottleKeeper - Keep your drink cold and secure (and discreet).

Being discreet as a hasher is always a wise thing to do. And of course it should be cold and who wants to deal with broken glass?

I saw this little guy and thought... this might be the perfect thing for pre-trail, circle, tailgaiting, hot tub, poolside...etc.

I might have to pick up 1 or two of these. Get one here

UPDATE: I bought one and it's super cool! Use my referral code above to get your own!