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If Lunar H3 started as a drunken lark in a bar poking fun at the raising of rego prices as time goes on, then the Lunar H3 podcast was conceived with even less brillance, but maybe as much alcohol.

Virtual circle was just too much fun to follow that it seemed it should have a soundtrack to accompany it. And why not have two blow hards like SqueezeMe and Brown Noser to spew their worthless drivel streamed live over the internet.

Turn into to our worthless show during virtual circle for now... but lets be honest. This will only continue with enthusiasm of our strong fanbase of dozens of hashers.

Hopefully this site helps explain to people who we are and what we do, even though we barely know sometimes. This should be the launch pad to connect you with the show, us and Lunar H3 as if you didn't know about that phenomenom.

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If you aren't a member of the secret facebook group where Lunar circle is held, ask someone to join you. Much like other with hashing in general, "not everyone loves what we do"... FB is the same so it's invite only to keep ourselves separate from the rest of that site. It's worth it though.